13+ years experience designing personal & company website designs for web surfers in Australia, Mexico, USA, Europe & the world at cheap design rates.

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Build it and they will come

In 10 years I have been building successful web sites for a wide range of clients. Today I want to tell you that “if I build it they will come”.

My success online has been related to the way I build my sites. Other web design companies wish that they had the high Google positions I have in the search engines. Although my websites are online other website designers & companies still can’t work out why my sites (and those of all my clients) are at the top of the search engine results pages.

The same way that I design & build my personal web sites and achieve online success, I also do for all of my clients websites, making them successful online too. My online success brings them online success and their online success brings me online success.

Want to join us and become successful online? Send me an email.

Examples of our website designs

Duratherm SIP Building System

The SIP building products of Duratherm in Mexico are a natural disaster building solution that provides a product to build a house from that will withstand the high winds of hurricanes and huge shakes of earthquakes. SIPS are a modern earthquake proof building material that saves much in time and money in constructing houses in hot or cool climates. After building the Duratherm Building Systems website, we now plan to build a home with SIP panels which will save us money.

Puerto Surf House

A tri-lingual website that is updated by the owners using the built in software and a standard web browser. The surf house in PuertoEscondido has visitors all year round and the overwhelming majority are bookings from web searches. The surf house owners are excited about their high position on Google.

Celorio Mexico

After trying to get a company website designed for sometime, we were contacted and soon deployed a client maintained website solution for the company that allows them to add new content effortlessly and keep their site up-to-date. The are a company who sell Celorio tortilla machines in Mexico.

Pioneers Australia

A Christian non-profit group contracted me to implement a modern sharp web design that their graphic designer had designed. They were provided with a good looking yet practical website that harnessed the power of Joomla content management system. Since the launch of the missionary agencywebsite, the in house staff have been changing the content of the site without messing up the site’s design.

Baby Stitch Online

Having decided to move to a free online shopping system, Baby Stitch came to me with a fresh clean looking web design their normal designer had drawn and I implemented it into the e-commerce Joomla CMS. Being wary that a new site could see a drop in site traffic, the owner was excited that the new search engine optimised web design brought a huge jump in visitor numbers and sales of online gifts.

Web Services Available

  1. internet tips & honest advice
  2. search engine optimisation
  3. fast loading web site designs
  4. custom web development
  5. online forms for visitors
  6. e-newsletter solutions
  7. internet marketing
  8. domain name registrations
  9. cheap website hosting
  10. setup of email addresses

Where to from here?

When you can answer these simple questions please contact us so we can start the pre-design processes.

  1. What will the site be about?
  2. Who will be coming?
  3. What will they want?
  4. How will your site be distinctive?

Once we know what you want your site to be, who your expected audience will be, what they will be wanting, and why your site will be different from the rest, then we can design your web site in next to no time.

The whole process of web design can actually be completed fast but delays often occur when the client doesn’t invest time in gathering their content. If you want your website designed fast, then gather all your images & write some useful text that can be used when designing your website.

Promises are to be kept

My promise to you as the owner of this successful website designer company is that we will make you successful online. Whether you have a web site already or not we will make your presence online one that your competitors will be keep dreaming about. Send me an email

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