Build Your Website Traffic

There are many ways to build traffic to a Website, listed are some of the most common ones used on ecommerce websites by

Search Engines

Search Engines deliver more targeted traffic to websites than any other method. They also are the most cost-effective marketing tools. They have the best conversion rates to achieve your desired goal of any other marketing or advertising method. Whether they are or not, the search engines are accepted by the surfer as being independent, credible, and being objective when referencing sources.

When a surfer uses a search engine, they are usually looking for a specific source, product, or service. Surfers use search engines because they already believe that they are the best tool to locate the answer to their request.

More than 90% of surfers use search engines as the basic means to look for solutions to searches on the Internet. Thus, they generate a great percentage of the traffic to specific websites.

Users are familiar with how to use search engines and they find them quick and easy to use. Based upon keywords, a user may find you in several locations on the results page. For all of the above reasons, search engines drive targeted traffic to websites high on the search engine results pages.

In fact, searching is the second highest use of the Internet after email. Over half of all users use a search engine. As many as three fourths of Internet marketers list search engine positioning and optimizing as an effective way to obtain traffic to a website.

As a sales force, they are great as they list and create traffic to your site at any time of the day or night.

Search engines have an ability to promote and drive traffic to a site long after the initial search is over. They also have the highest returns on investment of any other advertising method due to their cost.

Every page of your website needs to be clearly legible to the leading indexes and search engines.

When you submit your website to the search engines, it may take from a day with Altavista to 8 weeks with Yahoo to be reviewed and ranked. The time may be related to the growth that the search engine is experiencing at that time. ItÂ’s also common to not be listed at all. This is why follow up is crucial. You can then resubmit your site.

Search engines do not let you submit your page more than once per day.

Issues with submitting pages:

Submit each page? Many engines will not only index your main page but will look at links to your other pages and index them. They will follow two or more levels down the site. It may be necessary to submit each page individually to those engines.

If you create pages that link to your home page but are not linked back to in return, you will need to submit those pages individually, or create a page with links to each of your doorway pages.

Make sure everything is ready. Be careful about submitting your pages prior to all of your pages being complete. Many spiders at search engines will not try again if they can not find your links to your home page or other linked pages.

If you submit too many pages at once- some search engines have been noted to start watching for submittals of too many pages at once. They may limit how many pages you can submit per day or week.
It is recommended that you always be cautious and submit only as many variations of a page as is absolutely necessary to achieve what you desire.

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Roberto Campbell